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4 doors !

“The Harmandir is like a lighthouse, which has been guiding manking on to the path of truth for the past 400 years. It has helped in the breaking of the bondages and barriers, which divide mankind, and provided shelter to the forlorn and a smile to the bereaved.”

Sikh faith emphasizes simple and good living. The Golden Temple was built with doors in four directions. It was to signify that everyone irrespective of his or her origin and status is acceptable. There is no discrimination against anyone. Also, topographically, it is built at a level lower than the surrounding. Likewise, a Sikh is expected to be humble. The Sikh institution of langar (free community kitchen) is to share food with the needy. Every Sikh Gurdwara (temple) runs langar, which is open to all. This tradition has been in effect from the time of Guru Nanak, over 500 years ago. Nearly 70,000 people are fed daily by volunteers working round the clock in the Golden Temple complex. On weekends it is many times more.

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